Corporate Social Responsibility

Who’s job is it to promote the common good?  Who carries the responsibility to provide for the needs of our communities and set the example for the rest of us?  Some say the government, others say the church, but many think it is the modern business.

I once attended a conference on philanthropy with representatives from some of the largest businesses in the world.  One of the speakers, who supported the role of business in the common good said,

the responsibility of the common good is illustrated by architecture.  In the beginning, religious buildings were the largest; then it was government buildings; now, that title belongs to corporations.

This week, we join Fr. Steve Spahn, SJ and Provoke Radio to consider the role of the corporation in the realm of the common good.  In this 30 minute interview, Fr. Spahn considers the balance between responsibility and the bottom line as well as the role of the consumer in this realm.


Credits:  Credits:  “Corporate Social Responsibility.”  Interview:  Provoke Radio.  August 10, 2008.


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