Understanding the Psalms

Over the past few weeks, we have been very focused on issues concerning the “here-and-now”; but at the prompting of this week’s Gospel, we shift our attention just a bit, to where the “here-and-now” meets the divine spark.

Perhaps one of the great hinges of our faith, and yet one of the most mis-understood books in the Bible, the Psalms offer us a wonderful insight into our history and our present.  The interview is one I did myself through my program, Conversations with Macrina, with Fr. Bill Irwin, CSB.  Fr. Irwin was my one of my own professors of the Hebrew Scriptures and shares with all of us his love of the Psalms.

In this approximately 13 minute interview, we hear of David’s role (or lack thereof) in the Psalms’ composition, their impact on the communities of the time and how we should pray with the Psalms today.  After listening to Fr. Irwin, you will be amazed at the insight the Psalms provide into our own relationship with God.


CREDITS:  “The Psalms”  Biblical Series, Vol. 3.  Conversations with Macrina.  The Congregation of St. Basil, October 19, 2007.


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