You’ve just been called to sainthood

I know what you’re thinking:  “me, a saint???  You clearly don’t know me well enough. . .”

This may be true, but believe it or not, by your baptism, you are called to be a saint.  In fact, the Second Vatican Council wrote in Lumen Gentium, Chapter V, that all those baptized, regardless of their status, are called to holiness.  In fact, John Paul II called the youth of the world, “the saints of the new millennium.”

But what does “holiness” mean?  What does it mean to be a saint today?  Does God really call each of us to be saints — despite our sinfulness?  What makes the saints so special?  How do saints become saints?  Which saints should I consider models for my life?

In this episode, we listen to Fr. Thomas Rosica, CSB address a college student conference in Canada about the answers to these questions.  As former CEO of World Youth Day 2002 and current CEO of Salt and Light Television in Toronto, Fr. Tom has known saints personally, and shares many good stories about their lives before they went to God.


CREDITS:  “Citizenship with the Saints”  Conversations with Macrina.  The Congregation of St. Basil, January 19, 2008.


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