A Spirit of Giving

Every now and then, you run across an interview that you listen to over and over again because the wisdom is so profound.  This is one such interview, though the wisdom comes from the most unlikely of sources.

At the age of eight, Elle Guettler has an insight into the meaning of giving that will leave you re-thinking all your previous notions about your own capabilities.  When she was five, she realized that what she really wanted for her birthday was to help other children around the world.  She discovered Heifer International, an organization that provides livestock to families in third world countries.

Today (again at the age of eight), she raises millions of dollars for Heifer International.  However, this fact is not the most compelling part of Elle’s story; rather, it is her thoughts on the idea of giving and the power of youth that leave your heart melted and your brain thrown into overdrive.

There is a bit of background information for the first 10 minutes, but it is important to understand what Elle discusses.

Over the years, I have used this interview to inspire others to contribute to the work of Heifer International, but I have learned that it has also inspired whole new projects because of the ideas heard in these 30 minutes.

DOWNLOAD:  Simple Gifts:  A Profile of Heifer International (30 minutes)

CREDITS:  Simple Gifts:  A Profile of Heifer International.  Provoke Radio.  December 24, 2006.  www.provokeradio.com


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