Reflecting on Three Vocations

The priesthood is always a bit mysterious, even to faithful Catholics.  For that reason, I have always tried to interview priests and seminarians about their lives.
A little while ago, I interviewed three Basilians on the evening before their final vows to the Congregation. José, Glenn and Andrew share their journey with us and a bit about what they have learned during their studies, formation and ministry. All three are newly ordained priests now serving in Detroit, New York and Hong Kong respectively and offer a unique look at the priesthood and religious life of the Catholic Church.

As you listen to their experience and perspective, my hope is that you allow yourself to be open to God’s tug at your own heart — in whatever direction that might be, and begin asking questions about how you might be able to live life to its fullest potential. In whatever path we take, whether single, marriage, priesthood or religious life, not one of them start with the end in mind. Just as you do not determine if you are going to marry a person before going on a date, nor do people determine they are going to be a priest or religious before asking questions. New resolutions, actions and ideas are all most effective when the steps are small. In fact, if you go to the Basilian vocation website, you will see that it is themed, “The Next Step is Not as Big as You Think.” This is true for all of us.

I should note that you do not have to be considering priesthood to enjoy this interview. I have no doubt that anyone who is curious about the inner workings of the Church will enjoy this perspective.

DOWNLOAD: For the Honor of God. . . 13:38 min.

CREDITS:  “For the Honor of God. . .”.  Conversations with MacrinaThe Congregation of St. Basil. September 14, 2007.


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