When funk meets contemplation

Educational methods have profoundly changed in even the past few decades.  Most now agree that education doesn’t take place in the classroom nearly as it does through the media.  Finding research is no longer a difficult task; rather, it is ensuring the validity and quality of your search that takes so much effort.  We are challenged to be careful, critical stewards of our information — especially when it is combined with entertainment.Today’s podcast features one such musical artist who has traveled and researched the world.  The fruits of his efforts are not papers, but music.  Join us as we join Mary Hines, Host of the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Company) program Tapestry and her guest, Michael Franti.

The interview is a bit long (50 min.), so you may want to break it up, but as you will read in the description below — it is well worth it.

“In the Michael Franti song, East to the West there is a line: ‘Music is too large for just one station … god is too big for just one religion.’ The musician Michael Franti blends hip-hop with reggae and funk to send a message about his spirituality; no matter where people live or what they look like, they’re pretty much the same. As he says in the song Hello Bonjour: ‘don’t tell a man that he can’t come here ’cause he got brown eyes and a wavy kind of hair, And don’t tell a woman that she can’t go there because she prays a little different to a god up there.”

DOWNLOAD: An Interview with Michael Franti (50 minutes)

CREDITS:  “Michael Franti”  Tapestry.  Canadian Broadcasting Company.  November 18, 2008.  53 min.


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