Lessons from the Hip-Hop Wars

Last week, we heard from Michael Franti – a musician whose music carries a powerful message about the state of the world and our purpose in it.  This week, the musical theme continues as we listen in to an interview with Tricia Rose, professor of Africana Studies at Brown University and author of The Hip-Hop Wars:  What We Talk About When We Talk About Hip-Hop and Why it Matters.  This past December, Tricia aired on the WNYC’s Brian Lehrer Show for a 27 minute interview to discuss the evolution of hip-hop and where it stands today — not just as a musical forum, but a forum for the socially-conscious mind.

Tricia’s comments hit the range of discussions many of us have regarding music as she considers the role of music and art in society?  In this interview, she addresses the concern that many share:  is hip-hop a reflection or the cause of violence?  As a professor of Africana Studies and fan of hip-hop, she takes us through the evolution of hip-hop from its inception.

In addition to the insight of one of the most popular art-forms today, I believe this interview offers listeners a challenge:  that is how we communicate self-love and how we criticize for a purpose?  In addition, Tricia Rose looks at the difference between vocalizing a set of circumstances and inspiring creative solutions to those circumstances.


CREDITS:  “Taking Hip-Hop Seriously”  The Brian Lehrer Show.  WNYC Public Radio:  December 9, 2008.


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