The Responsibility of a university to its host city

“Responsibility” is a word often associated with universities — the responsibility of the student to their work; of the professor to their student; of the president to its faculty; and of the alumni to their alma mater.  However, we rarely hear, or even think about, the responsibility of a university to its host city.

This week, we listen to Fr. Steve Spahn, S.J., host of Provoke Radio speak with newly appointed president of Loyola College in Baltimore, Fr. Brian Linnane, S.J.  When Fr. Linnane accepted his post as the 24th president, he fully expected to shape his inaugural address around a commitment to a robust intellectual and academic life for the Loyola community. Instead, he delivered a speech pledging a mission driven commitment to service and social justice and announced that the academic year 2006-2007 would be the “Year of the City”.

Though this 30 minute interview focuses on Loyola College, it raises many questions about our own university.  “What responsibility does an institution have to its host city and those who live there?” “How can a university serve and strengthen the city it finds itself in and leave it better than it found it?”  “What are the greater realities to which a university should consider?”  “How does a university cultivate a sense of vocation?”

Listen in as guest, Fr. Brian Linnane, SJ answers these questions and more. It is an uplifting story of one man using his position of influence to make a difference.

DOWNLOAD:  The Year of the City (30 minutes)

Credits:  “The Year of the City.”  Interview:  Provoke Radio.  February 19, 2006.


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