waging peace one neighborhood at a time

Sometimes, it seems there are so many problems out there, that we hardly know where to begin; and much less, what difference it will make.  Our efforts to improve ourselves and the world around us through our own education and works of charity seem to only scratch the surface, leaving many of us cynical and progressively self-centered.

Then you hear stories about people like Ralph, who grew up in inner-city Baltimore and took on the drug dealers one neighborhood at a time.  Ralph grew up in the neighborhood he now works in – a neighborhood centered around St. Pius V School taught by the Oblate Sisters of Providence.  However, the neighborhood was becoming increasingly more violent due to the drug dealers who were stationed all around them.  For the longest time, they respected the Sisters and the school, but that didn’t last.  Refusing to let his neighborhood become another statistic, Ralph lead his community into the streets to face them head on.

Ralph’s story is probably not unique, but it sure makes for a good listen and reminds us all of the power we have when we draw our strength from our convictions.

DOWNLOAD:  Waging Peace One Neighborhood at a Time (30 minutes)

Credits:  Waging Peace One Neighborhood at a Time Interview:  Provoke Radio.  June 15, 2008.


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