The Bible: Myth or History?

No book is more widely published, translated, or read than the Bible; however, nor is there a book more complicated than the Bible.  So this week, I thought we might shed a little light on how we are to interpret the Bible with the help of author Karen Armstrong.  Over the years, Karen has written extensively about world religions and helped to bridge the gaps between them.  Her most recent work is about the Bible because, in her words, she is “so frustrated” with the abuse that is occurring in the name of sacred scripture.

There is no doubt that Karen will raise many questions and perhaps offer real challenges to our current understandings about scripture.  Her interpretations are in line with theologians from the Catholic and many other Christian religions because she makes the distinction between how the Bible is read in our own day and how it was intended to be read in the early Church.

DOWNLOAD:  Karen Armstrong (41 minutes)

Credits:  Interview with Karen Armstrong.  Tapestry, CBC Radio.  March 18, 2008.


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