The Complications of Homelessness

Last year, I journeyed with 15 students to New York City as an immersion into the issues of urban poverty.  Time after time, I heard students comment about the complexities surrounding the issue – much to their surprise.  Homelessness does not find a majority in any one demographic, nor does it necessarily concern addiction issues or even employment issues.  In fact, many who are without a permanent home do have jobs and families and can be considered wonderful people — a lesson these 15 students learned first-hand.

However, for the rest of us that have never had the opportunity to spend time thinking about the issue or meeting the people, I decided to dedicate this episode to you.  In large part this 30 minute espisode of Provoke Radio concerns healthcare and homelessness.  However, you will also have a chance to listen to the perspective of those who are homeless — to hear about their creativity, how they live in the moment and face the challenges of loneliness.  “Anything means everything to you when you are homeless,” one interviewee said.

In addition, I am also posting the edited version of the presentation made by these students to their university.  I think you will be amazed at their insight and compassion.

Download:  Healthcare for the Homeless (30 minutes)

Download:  The Newman Alternative Spring Break Presentation (16 minutes)

Credits:  Heathcare for the Homeless Interview:  Provoke Radio.  February 4, 2007.


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