Shared Abundance

Lent has officially begun and as it is a time of the year when we think about the essentials, it seems a fitting time to think about a more simple way of living.  So this week, we turn once again to Fr. Steve Spahn, S.J. at Provoke Radio to help put Lent, simple living and our blessings in perspective.  Not too long ago, he interviewed Jeff and Suzanne – a young couple with a son of their own who bought a house with the explicit intention that they would open it up to others in need, specifically, political refugees.

I remember when I first heard this interview — I was amazed at this act of solidarity and generosity, not because of the sacrifices it entails, but it seems that they are giving up all of the privacy, security, and stock most of us associate with a home.  However, as I listened in, I found that Jeff and Suzanne hardly see this practice as “doing without.”

So listen in as they talk about what they have learned from those who share their home with them as well as their new perspective on the “American Dream.”  I have no doubt that it will cause you to think about what you can do with your own lives.

DOWNLOAD: Shared Abundance (30 minutes)

Credits:  “Simpler Living, Compassionate Life – Sharing Abundance.”  Interview:  Provoke Radio.  August 5, 2005.


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