Conversations about God and the Human Spirit

Far too often, people place science at odds with religion. Of course, the Catholic Church has (for the most part) always recognized the importance of faith and reason working together as we strive to understand the divine mysteries of creation, but the Catholic Church is not alone in the endeavor.

Krista Tippett recently wrote a book entitled Einstein’s God: Conversations about Science and the Human Spirit, talks about science and spirituality, in which she considers the place of all religions in dialogue with science.

Based in Einstein’s own support of religion along science, Tippett speaks about the depth of asking “Why?” Einstein believed that science sought to address the cause, but believed it is the place of religion to explain the purpose. In this interview with Brian Lehrer, Tippett admits that she was surprised to find out Einstein was deeply interested in the Eucharist and sought the understanding of Catholic Bishops.

For anyone who is frustrated at the usual tension between faith and science, this interview is a refreshing look – perhaps so much that you will even want to pick up the book.


Credits: Lehrer, Brian. “Einstein’s God” The Brian Lehrer Show. Interview with Krista Tippett. WNYC, February 25, 2010.


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