Interview with Richard Dawkins

Perhaps the best known atheist in the world, Richard Dawkins is a best-selling author of several titles, including The God Delusion, The Selfish Gene and The Blind Watchmaker.  Over the two years, Dawkins and other atheists have found resonance with many people who are dissatisfied with organized religion and the answers they provide.

I am against religion because it teaches us to be satisfied with not understanding the world.

Not too long ago, Mary Hines from CBC’s Tapestry program sat down with Mr. Dawkins for a 55 minute casual conversation.

I have no doubt that you will the conversation interesting as they discuss the view of life in the absence of God.  In fact, you may be surprised by his perspectives on the “unintelligent design” and how life is NOT up to chance.  Dawkins even considers the possibility of God, but in a way you may not have previously imagined.

So join in and be sure to visit Tapestry for other wonderful interviews.


Credits:  Hines, Mary.  “Richard Dawkins”  Tapestry.  Interview.  Toronto:  CBC, October 4, 2009.


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