Responding to Dawkins

Dr. Terry Eagleton is a professor at the University of Lancastar and author of many books; his latest entitled, Reason, Faith and Revolution. And while his name may not be known to many, he has achieved increased notoriety due to his public criticisms of Richard Dawkins and other “new atheists”.

Listen in has he tackles the many arguments of Dawkins an an attack on intellectualism and promotion of cultural insensitivity.  Eagleton argues the increased certainly of Islam in a self-doubting culture has created a new crisis in the minds of many people.

In the end, Eagleton argues that the athiests’ arguments fall far short of logic and experience.

For anyone who is concerned about God, either as a skeptic or a believer, the interview is sure to fascinate you and give rise to a number of discussions among your friends and family.


Credits:  Hines, Mary.  “Dr. Terry Eagleton”  Tapestry.  Interview.  Toronto:  CBC,  November 9, 2009.


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