Last week’s approach to Heaven was a bit more “academic”, perhaps because the topic is so difficult to discuss on any experiential level.  However, this week Mary Hines and the company of Tapestry explore Hell, which sadly, we all know much more about.  The interview this week is a more “spiritual” one as it examines our understanding of Hell through personal experiences on Earth.

This interview features individuals from all walks of life:  religious and secular; successful and struggling; educated and skilled; but all of them well-intentioned.  That’s the thing about Hell – it often looks like Heaven in the beginning.

Of course, Hell can take many shapes in our present realities.  Whether it manifest itself as fear or the absence of being noticed, every religion has their own description of “Hell”.  In the end, we are faced with the question this week:  What does it mean to be bad; and what does it mean to be good?

So tune in to listen to the stories of those who have been to Hell, thinking it was Heaven; and others who have pondered good and evil, and what they learned along the way.

DOWNLOAD: HELL (51 minutes)

Credits:  Hines, Mary.  “Tapestry Goes to Hell”  Tapestry.  Interview.  Toronto:  CBC,  March 21, 2010.


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