The Wisdom and Tenderness of Jean Vanier

Once again, we tune into Speaking of Faith, with host Krista Tippett and her guest Jean Vanier, founder of L’Arche and modern-day saint.

L’Arche provides a community for persons with mental disabilities in 131 locations in 34 countries around the world.  These communities were well-publicized by Henri Nouwen, who lived with Vanier and others for a significant portion of his later life.

Vanier is filled with wisdom and practical applications of the Gospel.  His life experience after years of living with the mentally challenged gives us great insight into notions of power, humility, compassion and strength.  It has been said that Vanier finds gifts where others see tragedy, and there is no doubt that after listening to Vanier speak of his own life, now so intertwined with those he cares for, you too will be a little wiser than you were before.


Credits: Tippett, Krista. “The Wisdom of Tenderness.” Speaking of Faith. Interview with Krista Tippett. American Public Media, December 24, 2009.


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