Life in the Time of Jesus

As a person who has devoted my life to the study and teaching of scripture, I have found the most common mistake people make concerning their own study concerns their tendency to interpret the text in a modern context.  Quite simply the period in which Jesus lived needs much more understanding if we are to interpret the Bible with authenticity and accuracy.

In order to help us understand these differences, author Scott Korb recently published Life in Year One and discussed his book with America Magazine.  Korb’s book uncovers many of the romantic notions that have been incorrectly understood by people today.

Join us as we explore these and other questions such as what people ate, where they worked, their relationship to Roman authorities and the moral views and habits of the day.

DOWNLOAD: Life in the Time of Jesus (25 minutes)

Credits:  “Life in Jesus’ Time” America Magazine Podcast.  Interview with Scott Korb.  New York:  America Magazine,  April 1, 2010.


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