Desmond Tutu’s God of Surprises

Once again, I bring Speaking of Faith to your attention as Krista Tippett interviews South African Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu on “the God of surprises” — how his understanding of God and humanity has unfolded through the history he’s lived.

I imagine many of you know Tutu’s name, but I imagine most are not aware of even a few of his many accomplishments.  Tutu helped to orchestrate the peaceful transition from apartheid to democracy in South Africa.  Since then the retired Anglican archbishop has become a champion of peace, equality and prophetic voice in the world.

As I listened to this interview, I was struck by Tutu’s understanding of power, hope and love.

“If Whites wanted to bring us under, they should have never given us the Bible”

Reconciliation, Tutu says, is a process and a national project.  Forgiveness is something that everyone must work on.

Tutu compares voting to falling in love and ponders what the world would be like if people saw their involvement in the civic life in such a way.

In the end, Tutu will bring a smile to your face and a lift to your heart.  His laughter is an important as his wisdom; his joy as important as his sorrow.

So join us as we join Tippett and Tutu on Speaking of Faith.


Credits: Tippett, Krista. “The God of Surprises.” Speaking of Faith. Interview with Desmond Tutu. American Public Media, April 29, 2010.


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