Everything Potent is Dangerous

Of the many podcasts that I have listened to over the years, most of them have made their way onto the blog at least or twice . . . except one.  NPR’s This I Believe is a program I listen to weekly, but have never advertised before because they are often quite short, and I like to post things a little longer in length.

However, this week is different.  First, I should tell you that This I Believe is a program NPR resurrected about six years ago.  It was a very popular show several decades back, but for all the usual reasons, it fell out of favor and was removed from the NPR line up.  It has returned using the same format as before – generated from people from all walks of life, some celebrated, others ordinary, who submit essays about a particular view of life.  It is their “Belief Statement” – not just about God, but about belief they hold dear.

This week features an essay from Wallace Stegner, the great writer on the West.  His was a writer, a champion of the environment and a teacher at Stanford.  He challenged people’s ideas of the West, recognized that it had particular stigmas that had to be overcome, but if you could – you would find beauty.

Stegner’s essay expresses his concerns about passionate faith and his own limitations about “knowing” anything.  In short, he states that he believes in conscience and understands that there are consequences for such beliefs.   In the end, he also recognizes his own conceit and responsibility.

So tune in to listen to the essay and the brief analysis of his thoughts.

DOWNLOAD: Everything Potent is Dangerous (12 minutes)

Credits:  “Everything Potent is DangerousThis I Believe. Audio Essay from Wallace Stegner.  Stanford, California:  The Bob Edwards Show,  April 2, 2010.


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