Religion in China

NPR (National Public Radio) broadcasts a collection of stories concerning religion under a common title named, “NPR Religion”.  It is a great way to get a sense of religion in the world over the past week.  I listen to it every week and often pull individual stories from it, but this time, the whole program is worth listening to as it is united by a common theme:  Religion in China.

It seems everyone is doing a story on China these days, but you don’t here much about religion.  Of course, China is officially an atheist country, but many now people there are more Christians than there are Communist members.  One in three Chinese consider themselves spiritual; and while that is quite different from organized religion, it does represent a shift in public opinion.

The Stories in this podcast (divided by chapters) are:


Credits:  New Believers:  A Religious Revolution in ChinaNPR:  Religion,   July 18, 2010.


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