Religious Passion, Pluralism and the Young

As you know by now, I listen to a lot of podcasts – some good, others not so much.  But every now and then, I listen to one that gets me excited.  This is one of those.  Today’s feature comes from Speaking of Faith as Krista Tippett interviews, Eboo Patel, founder of Interfaith Youth Core.   Patel is a young Muslim man who has started an organization dedicated to overcoming the hurts and misconceptions of religious pluralism.  In other words, this program is about how we can have inter-religious discussions.

In the program, Patel says, ‘We will not save ourselves and the next generation of every faith by taming religious energy but by emboldening it.’

Patel credits The Catholic Worker as a reason he is religious at all and his grandmother for reminding him of his Islamic roots.  He recognized the influence that religious organizations and events are having on the word – from World Youth Day to Al-Qaeda.

Patel says, ‘Religious people are changing our world. You can sit in a corner and whine about it. Or you can be on the bus and figure out how we can all work together to build a world, where people cooperate and live together in some sort of mutual loyalty.’

So join us as we join Tippett and Patel on Speaking of Faith.


Credits: Tippett, Krista. “Religious Passion, Pluralism and the Young.” Speaking of Faith. Interview with Eboo Patel. American Public Media, August 16, 2007.


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