The Spirituality of Parenting

‘The question I think parents are struggling to answer is how do we not just teach our children’s minds, but how do we teach their souls? We want our children to be gracious and grateful, we want them to have courage in difficult times, we want them to have a sense of joy and purpose. That’s what it means to nurture their spiritual life.’

For just about everything we do, we need training and can readily receive it; however, just about anyone can have a child and most of us do so with little-to-no training.  This week, we join Krista Tippett, from Speaking of Faith, as she explores the spirituality of parenting.

Now, I must confess that I am not a parent, but I gained a lot of insight about my own life.  I know I am often scared of particular topics because I don’t know the answers, but as you will discover in this program – life is not nearly so much about having answers as it is allowing questions to be asked.

’The children don’t want to know what the expert has to say. They want to know what you’re thinking. It’s not so important that you have an answer. What’s important is that you engage in the conversation. And it’s perfectly acceptable to say, ‘This is a really hard question,’ and ‘Let’s think about this together.’ Just talking is what’s essential.’’

So tune in this week as we take a look at parenting from a spiritual perspective.


Credits: Tippett, Krista. “Spirituality of Parenting.” Speaking of Faith. Public Media, April 4, 2008.


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