Blogging the Bible

I teach a few classes on The Bible, and I always ask what people believe to be its greatest theme?  By far, the most common answer is “love.”  However, that is hardly the case.  When you actually read this book, there is a lot of violence and illicit behavior.  So much so, that if you read it with this new awareness – you may find it to be a very different book than you originally thought.

Such was the case with David Plotz, editor of Slate.com.   However, as David read, he blogged – his entire way through the Hebrew Scriptures.  As a Jew, David did not include the New Testament, but I would admit that David gives the rest of us great reason for doing so.  (As for why you will just have to listen in for your self.)

Nevertheless, I recommend this link because what David says is true, as well as funny.  But I think it also says a lot about the need for understanding the two books of the Bible together.


Credits: Hynes, Mary. “Blogging the Bible.” Tapestry. Interview with David Plotz. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, August 8, 2010.


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