Gay Marriage: Broken or Blessed

There are few issues as contentious as “gay marriage”, and it is not often that I find an interview quite as balanced as this one.  Once again, we join Krista Tippett on Speaking of Faith to offer two perspectives on homosexuality and their unions.  Both speak from religious perspectives – one against gay marriage and the other for it.

However, this interview or much more than a tit-for-tat of theological arguments; rather, both look at the consequences, implications, and virtues that lie beneath the debate.  Neither speak on behalf of the Catholic Church (this blog is not meant to convey official teachings), so this obviously does not reflect any official teaching; rather it simply adds to the conversation.

I must confess that I was surprised by this interview.  I found myself challenged and quite open to the reasoning of the opposite point of view – perhaps because of the way it was conducted.  So, even if you think you have heard it all on this issue, I encourage you to tune in – you will be glad you did.


Credits: Tippett, Krista. Gay Marriage: Broken or Blessed?, Speaking of Faith, American Public Media.  August 3, 2006.


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