Baby Guru

When I was a young man at university, I took on service assignment that rattled me to my core.  Twice a week, I volunteered at a daycare for children born with HIV.  Of course, this was in the early 90’s, so there was not as much confidence about how you could and could not contract the disease as there is now.   After convincing my parents that I would be okay, I began a year-long assignment working with these very special children.

What I learned is what I imagine just about any parent already knows – babies have a lot to teach us.  And while most people believe that we learn best from teachers, professors and gurus of a various sort, Allison Gopnik believes otherwise.  Her book is entitled, The Philospohical Baby:  What children’s minds teach us about truth, love and the meaning of life.

What I saw in those young children is the same description Allison gives us (though I never thought about it in quite the same way) – children are in a constant state of awe by the world around us, and there is a lot we can learn from them.

DOWNLOAD: BABY GURU (54 minutes)

Credits:  Hynes, Mary.  “Baby Guru.” Tapestry.  Interview with Alison Gobnik. CBC Radio, October 17, 2010.


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