Changing Education Paradigms

This week’s episode comes from RSA Animate.  RSA is a British-based organization dedicated to 21st century enlightenment.  Their presenters are some of the brightest I have heard, and RSA Animate takes these brilliant thoughts and animates their message with high-speed drawings.  The result is brilliant.

In this particular episode, Sr. Ken Robinson argues that our old model of educating youth is no longer effective.  Today’s society has created a over-stimulated youth, many of them diagnosed with ADHD, to which Robinson offers some explanation.  To be clear, there are problems with some of his conclusions (after all, this is an 11 minute video), but his thoughts raise several important points to the surface.


To elaborate on one point, Robinson speaks of how education models continue to function with a “production line mentality” which emphasizes standardization rather than divergent thinking.


 Credits:  Sir Ken Robinson.  “Changing Education Paradigms.” RSA .  October 14, 2010.


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