Life’s Second Half

I have been listening to Richard Rohr since I started my own journey in priestly formation.  Quite frankly, I find him prophetic.  He has a way of cutting through the complexities of theology and spirituality so that both are accessible for the every-day person.

Thankfully, Rohr is a prolific writer and speaker, so there is always something more I can read or listen to.  His latest book is entitled, Falling Upward in which he writes about the “two halves of life”

Years ago, he did a presentation on the subject with Paula D’Arcy, who is another one of my favourites, but this subject matter is refined for a new age.  So join the hosts of the America Magazine podcast as they discover what it means to fall upward.


 Credits: “Life’s Second Half.” America Magazine Podcast.  Interview with Fr. Richard Rohr, OFMNew York:  America Magazine,  April 25, 2011.


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