Looking Past Our Limits

We all have our challenges, but some people have more challenges than most.  Enter Caroline Casey.   Caroline was legally blind at birth. . . only she did not find this out until she was 17 years old.  How, you ask?  Simple, her parents told her she could see . . . and she believed them because she never knew any different.

Was it hard?   Did she struggle?  Of course she did. . . but she also thrived.  And this is the amazing part of her story.

If you have ever wanted a reason or inspiration about overcoming the odds – this is your story.  Enjoy.

DOWNLOAD:    LOOKING PAST LIMITS (VIDEO)     LOOKING PAST LIMITS (AUDIO)     (15 minutes)                       

 Credits:  Casey, Caroline.  “Looking Past Limits.” TED Talks.  December 2010.


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