Quarks and Creation

Every now and then, I run across an interview that seems to say it all.  On Being’s Krista Tippet achieved just this when she interviewed John Polkinghorne, an elementary particle physicist at Cambridge and now a student of theology.

The conversation that follows, on the surface, delves into the relationship between science and religion, but more on a deeper level, seeks to understand the very nature of Truth.

“Things that are just on the surface, easy to believe, are not the whole story. There’s a deeper, stranger, and more satisfying story to be found, both in science and in religion,” Polkinghorne tells Tippett.

In a sense, that statement offers a great summary of this interview – it is deeper and more surprising than you may think, so get your notepad and enjoy!


Credits: Tippett, Krista.  “Quarks and Creation.,” On Being, American Public Media.  January 13, 2011. 


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