The Agnostic Side

Usually, such a title causes immediate judgment from “Believers”, but consider this interview an invitation to suspend judgment for 13 minutes.

In short, Brian Lehrer interviews Michael Krasny about his new book, Spiritual Envy:  An Agnostic’s Quest.  The told tale is a compassionate one about the difficulty of maintaining a position that says ‘I Don’t Know.”  However, underneath this statement is a sadness that wishes he could.

Krasny confesses that he would like to believe in God as it would make life much more simple, but he just cannot come to such a clear conclusion.  For that matter, he cannot come to any conclusion.  The result is a wonderful perspective, so join in.


 Credits :Lehrer, Brian.  “The Agnostic Side” Interview with Michael Krasny.  The Brian Lehrer Show, WYNC, October 22, 2010. 


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