How Not to Read the Bible

If you have ever attended a Protestant and a Catholic Bible Study, you will know there is, for large part, a difference in the manner of how the two approach and interpret the Bible.  The Catholic contextual approach is one that says a literal approach that says the Bible is a historical account of what happened is not a helpful way to read the Bible.

Brian B. Pinter relays many of the official statements by the Pontifical Biblical Commission that state Biblical literalism is “intellectual suicide”.

This interview is wonderfully helpful and illuminating as to how we should approach the Bible, so enjoy!


 Credits: “How Not to Read the Bible.” America Magazine Podcast.  Interview with Brian PinterNew York:  America Magazine,  September 12, 2011.


1 Response to “How Not to Read the Bible”

  1. 1 Owen Swain
    May 4, 2012 at 2:38 pm

    Fr. Chris,
    Excellent podcast.

    The distinction between a literal interpretation (the intention of the original author in view of the historical context, literary device, form of the writing, intended audience -namely the Catholic approach) and a literalist interpretation (biblical fundamentalism which is largely subjective and reads meaning into the original text from outside its own time) is critical.

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