Clarifying the Gospel

Fr. Richard Rohr, OFM is both disliked and adored.  As a Franciscan priest, he strives to live the 13th century ideals of St. Francis of Assisi in a modern world.  He is at the same time a supporter and critic of the church – not because of what it teaches, but because it does not always live up to what it teaches.

As a novice, my teachers required that we listen to many of Rohr’s now infamous CD’s.  We were told that his perspective was one we would need before we began the details of our theology study.  The more I encounter the people within the Church, I am continually thankful of their insight.

Rohr is not easy to digest, but neither is the Gospel.  For those who have ever questioned what the Church has taught, I encourage you to listen to this interview.  I am betting that you will find that often, it is not the teachings of the Church that need to be challenged, but some of those who profess those teachings.


 Credits:  Hynes, Mary.  “Franciscan Priest.” Tapestry.  CBC Radio, July 4, 2010.


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