Humanity 2.0

If you ever wanted a video that mimics ancient philosophical thought arriving on the need for God, this is it.  This interview is highly intellectual, and incredibly fascinating.  I must confess it is a bit dry, as such discussions can be.

However, the evolution of humanity is not possible without some sort of a connection to the divine (at least that is what I would call it – the panelists may call it “trans-human” or “post-human”).  Themes in this presentation include disability, choice, moral entrepreneurship, and many other topics.

Again, this interview is not for the easily distracted, but it is well worth the time.

DOWNLOAD:    HUMANITY 2.0 (VIDEO) (31 minutes)

Credits:  Steve Fuller, Dr. Rachel Armstrong, China Miéville, Dr. Sarah Chan, Dr. Andy Marsh. “Humanity 2.0”  RSA.  October 12, 2011.


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