Atheism 2.0

I have heard a lot of presentations on Atheism, but they all seem to be far too simplistic; often trying to refute fundamentalist claims of religions – claims most balanced believers would refute as well.  Each time, the debate seems to be an all-or-nothing point of view.

Alain de Botton takes a fresh new approach to the traditional debate offering how religion has benefitted society and suggests that to rid the world of religion would be a terrible idea.  In fact, de Botton recommends that there are many aspects of religion that society needs to rediscover.

The perspective is a controversial one – all you have to do is view the comments on the page to see how both sides of the debate are reacting to his ideas.

DOWNLOAD: ATHEISM 2.0 (18 minutes)

Credits:  de Botton, Alain.  Atheism 2.0    TED Talks.  July 2011.


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