Bad Religion

This title could be a bit confusing – Ross Douthat does not believe that religion is a bad thing (actually quite the contrary), but that the United States has become a nation of heretics who practice religion badly.

As interviewed on WNYC, Douthat speaks about his latest book:  Bad Religion: How We Became a Nation of Heretics.  To be more specific, Douthat speaks from his own Catholic Tradition, and really speaks most about Christianity.

The basic idea is that most Christians have become too comfortable with a Gospel that should not leave them comfortable.  Douthat elaborates on how times have changed and how Christianity, as a religion, has responded to these changes.  There is also a lot about the impact of historical events on the movements of the changes.


Credits :Lehrer, Brian. “Bad Religion”  Interview with Ross Douthat.  The Brian Lehrer Show, WYNC, April 27, 2012. 


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