Perspective is Everything

We have all heard the cliché:  “the glass is half-full, rather than half-empty.”  That is to say life is about how you look at it.  This week, we feature a talk that, in a rather humourous way, raises this issue to our attention.

In the beginning, this talk seems more like a comedy routine highlighting one example after another about how perspective really does change the reality.   However, just after the laughter, Sutherland’s talk takes on a more serious turn.

“Do you call it the bailout of Greece or the bailout of a load of stupid banks which lent to Greece?  Because they are the same thing.  What you call them affects how you react to them, viscerally and morally.”

Our willingness to pay money, Sutherland explains, depends on how we perceive where the money is going.  Thus, among other things, his conclusions is that people do not have an issue with higher taxes, their issue is the lack of control them money goes towards.


         Credits:  Sutherland, Roy.  “Perspective is Everything”  TED.  May 2012.


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