Love Lessons

In a delightful reflection with two couples, Steve Paikin explores what makes marriage work.  The guests are a younger and older couple, all of whom tell us what they have learned about dating, love and relationships.

The result if insightful and humorous and clearly illustrates the difference between younger and older couples.  The advice, is for the most part, are things you have heard before, but certainly give any couple the opportunity for discussion.

However, the interview also features four unmarried men and women all of which are in the late 20’s and early 30’s.  The question asked to them is what they think about love and marriage.  Some are in relationships and others are not, three are heterosexual and one is homosexual.  Their reflections warrant much discussion – of all kinds.  


Credits:  Paikin, Steve.  “Love Lessons.The Agenda, TVO.  Interview.  May 29, 2012.


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