What is a Good Teacher?

When I first began teaching, the question we all heard was, “are good teachers born or taught?”  It is a legitimate question, especially since so much depends on the quality of education.

This panel discussion, based in England, asks what qualities make a good teacher; and how can more teachers be more than just “good”?  There are questions about the nature of initial training as well as on-the-job training.  This panel also questions whether society is now putting too much on the shoulders of teachers and wonders about the responsibilities of communities in the role of education.

Admittedly, my difficulty with this discussion is that it focuses quite heavily on education in relation to economic stability and prosperity, with little discussion about the liberal notions of education as a bedrock of society.  Nevertheless, the discussion is worthy of attention.


 Credits:  Sir Michael Wilshaw HMCI, Matthew Taylor, Peter Hyman, Ndidi Okezie and Gillian Hargreaves. “ What is a Good Teacher?.” RSA .  April 30, 2012.


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