The Outsourced Self

Brian Lehrer interviews Arlie Hochschild about her new book, The Outsourced Self:  Intimate Life in Market TimesIn short, the book is about how people outsource their private lives, much like businesses outsource services that fall outside their expertise.

The interview is a learning experience about the many ways people can outsource their private lives – everything from nannies to housekeepers to shoppers to home decorators.

Hochschild addresses what effects these social changes have made to our social structure – largely an imbalance in our lives.  The trend, as she says, is that we are privatizing public services, while publicizing private services.  The concern is easy to understand as it takes away from community and the social fabric that unites us.    

This is not to say that outsourcing is bad, but that the right balance is needed.


Credits :Lehrer, Brian. “Outsourced Self”  Interview with Arlie Hotchschild.  The Brian Lehrer Show, WYNC, May 14, 2012. 


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