Religion and Babies

Since I have lived in Canada, I have heard several people say that Muslims are out-pacing Christians because they are having more children.  My question:  is this correct?  And the broader question:  do some religions have a higher birth rate than others?

As you might imagine, this is a delicate topic, which is why I appreciate this interview so much.

Rosling’s research looks at the global reality and takes into account some of the subtleties of population issues and religion itself since 1960 until the present day.  Rosling also accounts for other factors such as economic status as he searches for an answer to this question.

The evidence is fascinating and presented in a most incredible manner.  So tune in and look at this most amazing developments in our population and cultures.


Credits:  Rosling, Hans.  “Religion and Babies.”  TED.  April 2012.


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