Lamenting the Road Not Taken

In his most recent book, Missing Out:  In Praise of the Unlived Life, Adam Phillips writes that, “we are haunted by the myth of our own potential.”

This week, we join Mary Hynes as she speaks with Adam Phillips about his book.  In the interview, you will consider your own parallel life – the one that never happened, but that might occupy an extraordinary part of your mental time.  But it is not all bad, as Phillips says, “that in missing out on one experience we always open ourselves to the potential of another, and that in depriving ourselves of the frustration of not getting what we think we want, we would be depriving ourselves of the possibilities of satisfaction.”

So join us as we consider the mix of regret and foggy optimism that our hearts associate with the roads not taken.


Credits:  Hynes, Mary.  “Lamenting the Road Not TakenTapestry.  CBC Radio, February 22, 2013.


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