I listen to a lot of podcasts.  Often while I watch men and women beating their heads to the beat of their musical favorite, I am either deep in thought or laughing my way through a workout or commute.

Podcasts are essentially a downloadable form of talk-radio, but I also believe that they are capable to stimulating communities.  The ideas contained in this collection are often provocative or at the very least, worth sharing with others.

Consider this blog a “greatest hits” collection of interviews.  Many of these interviews I have used in my own classroom and as a result many students now find themselves listening to other interviews on their own.

While some of the work is my own, often it is not.  In all cases, I am sure to cite the source in the blog since my hope is that you check out other interviews that have been conducted by the individual or group.  All I try to do is offer a single place where I can refer people to get started.

So enjoy the interviews and be sure to share them with others.


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