America Magazine Podcast
(Highlighting featured stories of the Weekly Catholic Magazine – around 20 minutes weekly)

Busted Halo Cast
(usually basic understandings of the Catholic faith – around 30-40 minutes once per week)

Conversations with Macrina
(on all things Catholic – 10-15 minutes once per week)

NCR Podcasts
(Highlights featured stories from the Catholic periodical.  Audio updated irregularly.  About 30 min.)

Provoke Radio
(on all matters of faith and social justice, 30 minutes, no longer actively broadcasting, but archives are still out there)

The Saint Cast
(about the saints, twice a week, 30 minutes)

Vatican Radio
(about the global Church, daily, lengths vary and it only give you one automatically, the rest of the stories require manually “getting” them.)

Word on Fire Homilies
(homilies from Robert Barron of Chicago on the Sunday readings – around 15 minutes)


The Economist
(Excerpts from the British publication on global issues, 15-20 min, daily)

The National on Demand
(Video – Condensed Version on the nightly Canadian News program.  10 min, daily)

NBC Meet the Press
(Video – the famed political program, every Sunday, 50 min)

NBC Nightly News
(Video – a rebroadcast of the program about 30 minutes after it airs on TV)

United Nations Radio
(updates on the happenings at the UN, 5-10 min. daily or during the summer, weekly)

World in Progress
(a look at development issues around the globe, sporadic)

World View
(weekly updates from the international section of the NY Times, 15 min, weekly)


On Being with Krista Tippett
(Audio podcast about religion, meaning, ethics and ideas – one of the best out there.  Around 50 minutes updated weekly.)

Tapestry (CBC)
(Audio podcast about religion – another one of the best out there.  Updated weekly, about 50 minutes.)


The Age of Persuasion (CBC)
(Audio podcast on minds behind marketing and advertising.  You will never look at ads the same way.  Around 20 minutes, updated weekly.  Requires “advanced subscription”)

The Agenda with Steve Paikin
(A video cast updated multiple times each week.  Discussion panel format on relevant, news-related topics)

Frontline World
(A video cast about 15-30 min. once per week of episode from the PBS program.  Excellent topics about world societal issues)

Great Speeches in History
(recordings of important speeches – lengths vary, aired monthly)

Philosophy Bites
(philosophy done quite well about various issues, 15-20 min, weekly)

TED Talks
(One of the better ones out there covering a great diversity of thought.  15-20 min, daily, video)

The Moth
(stories told by real people without notes, 15-20 min, weekly)

WNYC Brian Lehrer Show
(hit and miss, but when it is good, it is really good, just watch the topics for the ones that interest you; 30-50 minutes daily)

National Public Radio (NPR)

Faith Matters (10 minutes, weekly)

Pop Culture (30 minutes, weekly)

Religion (On all matters of various religions and its impact on culture- 30 minutes, weekly)

Story of the Day (Editor’s choice of the best NPR story aired that day, 5-25 minutes, daily)

Tell Me More (In depth look at various issues and events, 30 minutes, daily)

This I Believe (Reflections from ordinary people about life issues, 5 minutes, weekly)

Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me! (A comedic, news trivia game show not to be missed, 50 minutes, weekly)


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